How to report an antisemitic incident

At RIAS Hessen – it is the abbreviation for the “Office on Research and Information on Antisemitism in Hessen” (Recherche- und Informationsstelle Antisemitismus Hessen), we are primarily dedicated to supporting those affected by antisemitic incidents and to documenting and analysing antisemitism in Hessen.

We offer support and guidance on reporting antisemitic incidents, provide further assistance for counselling, and aim at ensuring the consistent recording and documentation of antisemitic incidents in civil society throughout the region. Serving as an initial point of contact for victims, their relatives and acquaintances, as well as witnesses and people who have otherwise been made aware of antisemitic incidents, the principle of confidentiality is a top priority for us. You alone decide what happens to the information you share. Verified incidents are systematised and evaluated. With your explicit consent, the incident is published in our chronicle. We also document selected incidents on our social media platforms.

Antisemitic incidents can vary widely. They can range from stickers or graffiti in public spaces to threats of physical violence, either digitally or personally, and even direct physical attacks. We record these incidents and report annually on developments in Hessen, proactively monitor potential antisemitic events, and engage in research on antisemitism as well as educational projects in order to uncover and better monitor antisemitism today.

Have you witnessed an antisemitic incident or are you affected yourself? Then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Regarding advice and counseling, please contact OFEK e.V. Taking into account the data protection of your information, your report will be registered using the form used by all RIAS offices. It is then forwarded to the registration form of the Federal Association for Research and Information on Antisemitism (Bundesverband RIAS e.V.) Each report helps us fight antisemitism.


Commemoration and remembrance activities, like civil awareness, serves as a counterweight to the increasingly visible Antisemitism in our society. Here, the work of the Antisemitism Reporting Office in Hessen is an important component in the fight against the hatred of Jews. Against becoming accustomed and against indifference. Because, as Abraham Joshua Heschel once said: ‘Indifference to evil is more insidious than evil itself. It is a silent justification that accepts evil in society.’ Dr Jacob Gutmark Board member of the Jewish Community Wiesbaden
Daniel Neumann
Antisemitism is not only the oldest hatred in history, but it is also ever-present. Also, and particularly in Germany. However, in order to counter this phenomenon in its many different forms, it is important to make it visible. Its structures and manifestations in everyday life must be documented. rom a quantitative, but above all also from a qualitative point of view. This is in the interest of all of us. As Jonathan Sacks said: ‘For the hatred that begins with the Jews does not end with the Jews’. Daniel Neumann Chairman State Association of Jewish Communities in Hessen and Jewish Community Darmstadt
Michaela Fuhrmann RIAS
I would actually have preferred that RIAS Hessen had not been necessary in the first place. Because that would have meant that antisemitic attacks and hostility would not be a problem here in the federal state of Hessen. Unfortunately, however, Antisemitism has become part of everyday life here as well and expresses itself in various and often quite subtle forms.  Therefore, the work of RIAS Hessen is indispensable and highly valuable. The possibility to report incidents in a low-threshold manner encourages those affected. This is of elementary importance in order to document the range of current Antisemitism and to be able to start prosecutions if necessary. I am pleased that we, as the Jewish community in Frankfurt /Main now have a regional reporting office in RIAS Hessen to which we can turn and with which we can initiate concrete and targeted projects and exchange knowledge in order to combat Antisemitism more effective and successful. Michaela Fuhrmann Jewish Community Frankfurt am Main K.d.ö.R., Head of Political Relations/Representative of the Executive Board
Marina Chernivsky – Foto
Despite its high relevance, many institutions have difficulties in addressing Antisemitism. The documentation and recording of antisemitic incidents as well as their scientific analysis are important pillars for criticizing and countering the phenomenon. Since the beginning, we have worked closely with RIAS Bundesverband. We are all the more pleased that RIAS Hessen is now active. Marina Chernivsky Head of ZWST Competence Center and OFEK e.V.